Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Joe Francis cries as he goes to jail

Joe Francis is the guy who started and owns the "Girls Gone Wild" business. He's off to jail. He cried in court. Boo-hoo. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

From what I've seen, Joe seems little more than a typical 20-something doofus who can't get a real girlfriend, and gets overexcited at the prospect of seeing a woman topless. But he is more than that. For one thing, he's 30-something. For another, he's a very successful porn entrepreneur who has figured out how to get his chicks for free. Apparently he gets very young women to appear in his videos for little more than a hat or T-shirt.

Then Joe sells the videos on tv. He has made millions. If you ever watch cable tv after 11:00 pm, you can't miss Joe's ubiquitious infomercials.

Joe and his gang go out and solicit young women on the street or at bars. These are not girls who have made a decision to seek out the chance to publicly appear nude or have lesbian sex for the camera. It's an impulse buy. Usually they are drunk. A lot of these young women are under 21 so this fact comes into play. The girls lift their tops, or shed all their clothes, or make out with each other, or hop into bed together.

There's something that smells evil about this particular business plan, and I don't like it.

What seems evil to me about it is this picture of an older adult tempting young people into degrading themselves. Here these young women, 18 or 19 years old, (younger in the Florida case) are induced into exposing themselves and more by the lure of being the center of attention, validation of their attractiveness, the promise of a little bit of fame, and the idea that getting a little crazy is what young people are supposed to do.

Of course it's all a bunch of bullshit. It's embarrassing to see these girls acting like airheaded bimbos yelling "Whoooo!" while they lift their tops. I wonder how that goes over at job interview time. Or at the family holiday dinner. Just wait until their 10th class reunion.

So these young women end up on videos being purchased by losers who sit around the tv set and masturbate to the images of these "girls gone wild."

See how cool it all is? Party! Whooooo!

But what is really wrong about it is the prospect of Joe Francis and his gang walking around the streets looking for young, gullible women to approach. It seems so predatory. Looking for youthful innocence to corrupt.

I know these girls are "women." But I think of them as our youth. Our American youth. And this is how we treat them. It's just bad.

Now the feds are onto Joe for tax fraud. Now that's entertainment!