Sunday, January 25, 2009

Looking on the Bright Side

Go ahead and play it for old times sake.

I see skies of blue . . .

Just kidding! Enough with the old music!

But seriously, aren't there some macro indicators that call for a little bit of optimism?

We have a new President. And he's not stupid!

Oil prices are way down. And OPEC (a/k/a NAMBLA) can't get the price to go back up!

Interest rates are way down. This has to be good for somebody!

The Iraq War or whatever it is has an agreement in place for American troops to come home. The troops gotta love that and it should save our government a boatload of money! Which we can give to our insolvent banks instead!

And a tax cut to boot!

It all sounds like a recipe for recovery to me. Let's bake this cake!