Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Veep Guessing Game - Blue Team

Who Will Be Picked?

Who Will Do the Picking?

Make Your Predictions Now!

The List

  1. Barack Obama - Hillary will want him badly for electability. But will he want to put up with the Clintons for 4 or 8 years? Who would want to be the next Al Gore?
  2. Hillary Clinton - Barack will not pick her.
  3. Al Gore - He won't take second spot. Possible Sec State pick.
  4. John Edwards - Didn't really show enough juice in the primaries, and running for VP twice looks silly. Talk of AG spot doesn't make sense.
  5. Joe Biden, Delaware Senator - Strong speaker, national following, knows everything about all of the issues, compelling personal history, press respects him. Would be a very strong pick.
  6. Chris Dodd, Connecticut Senator - Nice Guy, good speaker, not a real national following, callow youth problem, doesn't bring a big state or demographic with him. Probably not a top pick.
  7. Wesley Clark, US Army General Retired - Formerly talked up as Hillary VP pick. Won the war in Bosnia. Oddly unpopular at the Pentagon because of political liberal rep. If Hillary gets it and Iraq's the issue, he could get it.
  8. Jim Webb, Virginia Senator - Surly former Marine and Navy Sec. People and press love him, but not good at making nice. He's the real straight talker.
  9. Bill Richardson, New Mexico Governor - Blatant suck up to Obama will probably get him a cabinet appointment but not the VP spot. Making the ticket too colorful would be too risky.
  10. Evan Bayh, Indiana Senator - Hillary supporter, "New Democrat," socially conservative. Very popular and could help in midwest states.
  11. Mark Warner, former Virginia Governor - Charismatic speaker and currently running for Senate seat being vacated by retiring John Warner. Somewhat mysteriously took himself out of the Presidential contest early. Not a likely pick.
  12. Ted Strickland, Ohio Governor - Popular crossover candidate from an important swing state. Nice guy, appeals to religious folks, and endorsed by the NRA. Age 67 works against him, though.
  13. Tom Daschle, former South Dakota Senator - Articulate and statesmanlike, but lost his own Senate seat, so electoral pull seriously in doubt. Too low key for the national campaign trail.
  14. Tom Vilsack, former Iowa Governor - Hillary supporter, was a Presidential candidate, but nobody remembers him. Wishy washy on Iraq. Real longshot.
  15. Sam Nunn, former Georgia Senator - Great man, but too senior at 70 and looks it. Talked about running as an independent. No way will he be picked and I'm not sure why he's on people's lists.
  16. Bob Kerrey, former Nebraska Senator - Medal of Honor recipient. No way. Viet Nam baby killer of the Than Phong Massacre shouldn't even be on the list.