Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dems Debate and Iraq Quiz

Just as I was ready to publicly declare for Obama, I watched the Democratic candidates debate. While that Alaska dude was a real hoot, I can't imagine anyone giving him any real money after that performance. So I won't be expecting to see him again, except maybe as a "policy expert" on Fox.

But he was just a distraction.

The O-Man. What happened? Obama, my Obama! Ouch. It was painful to watch. What happened to the deep baritone? The quick smile? The eloquent, confident answers to where the country should go? None of these were in evidence up there on the big kid's stage. Hesitant, worried, uncertain. Not what I'm looking for.

Hillary really kicked some ass up there. She was certain of her answers. Her answers were meaty, substantial, and specific. She looked and sounded completely confident. And she gave the best answer to the "what if we get attacked" question. That chick's got some balls. I could vote for her.

Richardson, Dodd, Biden. They all seemed like smart, competent candidates. We could do a lot worse. Edwards was as dull as a bar of soap. That restaurant story was goofy.

Kucinich is the "troops home now" candidate. Everyone else wants them home, too. Just not right away.

Sorry - oversight. Gravel (the Alaska guy) also wants the troops home now, but I'm not sure whether to count him. I'd like to be sure his address isn't an assisted living facility before I lend him too much credence. He seems a bit wacky.

But back to Kucinich's point, which I think is the main issue of the election. Why wait? Hasn't everyone read Oh, The Places You'll Go!?

Harry Reid (not at the debate) was quoted as saying that the war was already lost. I am dumbfounded by this whole perspective. I thought we already won. Saddam is dead. There is a new regime. And Iraq has no WMD's. Checklist complete! Victory! Let's send the troops to Hooters to celebrate.

So, here's the quiz. Just post your answers in the comments section. Cheating is, of course, allowed.

World View Iraq War Quiz Number 1
  1. Who is the U.S. fighting in Iraq? (Must name actual people or groups. "Terrorists" is not acceptable.)
  2. If the U.S. wins in Iraq, how will we know?
  3. If the U.S. loses the war in Iraq, who wins?
  4. If the U.S. wins in Iraq, what do we get?
  5. If the U.S. loses in Iraq, what do we lose?
  6. Is Iraq an ally or enemy of the U.S?
  7. If the U.S. just stops fighting and goes home, is that the same as losing?

Thanks for participating.