Sunday, June 1, 2008

Worldview Brainy Chick for June 2008

Worldview Loves the Brainy Chicks

The June 2008 Worldview Brainy Chick is . . .

Chrystia Freeland!

Chrystia is the US Managing Editor of The Financial Times. FYI, The Financial Times is the British rival to The Wall Street Journal. The FT is, strangely, printed daily on dark pink paper, making it easy to spot. Chrystia shows up regularly on American tv pundit talk shows such as The McLaughlin Group and Hardball. A Harvard grad and Rhodes Scholar, she really is the complete package.

She is the author of the Adam Smith recommended book, Sale of the Century: Russia's Wild Ride from Communism to Capitalism, which you can look at here. She is rare among the pundi in that she has true foresight which she shares in an intelligible and artfully accurate way. She is also very polite, maintaining her poise and composure while holding her own among the yellers and interrupters who infest our political discourse on tv. As listeners, this allows us to enjoy Chrystia's knowledge, logic, and insight on the issues of the day, which never fails to impress. This makes her very likable and watchable, and I believe this better standard of behavior is becoming more common among the younger generation of pundits.

Here is a great clip of her, back in November 2007, when the Republican contest seemed to be between Romney and Giuliani, correctly predicting that the main election issue would turn to the mortage crisis in 2008.

And here is a great clip of her holding her own in John McLaughlin's circus and standing up for accuracy in political discourse. BTW, she refer's to "you guys" can elect your President because she's Canadian.

So thanks, congrats, and plaudits to Chrystia! Keep up the good work!