Friday, March 7, 2008

She's our girl and other random thoughts

Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor pitiful me
These old boys won't let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe is me

(Apologies to Warren Zevon, wherever he is.)
Yeah, those black orphans and tortured POW's get all the breaks.
The Presidential election season continues to drag on and on and on. And boy, am I getting tired of it. For all of the tv channels that have the various "best political teams in the business," all I hear is the same old tired rehash day in and day out. The only place I see actual issues discussed is here on this internet.

Speaking of the internet, remember when everyone made fun of corrupt old fogey Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska for saying the internet was like a bunch of tubes? Sounded pretty stupid. But the IT guys where I work all keep referring to our internet access as pipes. It sounds kind of snappy and esoteric when they say it, though.

But this internet is definitely where things are at these days. Getting the details behind the headlines is pretty cool. On the downside though, not very good for workplace productivity. Here at my office, at any given moment, half of my employees are looking at, youtube, or laughing at some joke email their friend sent them. But of course, after these little mental health breaks, they all then buckle down to call their friends on their cell phones or go outside to smoke. I wonder if work is like this in China?

So anyway, I'm watching the news on tv telling me that Hillary "won" Texas and Ohio, even though she may or may not have won more actual delegates. Apparently Texans count very slowly, so we don't know who won what yet. Several reporters actually have said that the number delegates that the candidates won doesn't even matter, because Hillary's "win" has dominated this week's news cycle. What? Welcome to flabbergastoria.

We are back in Bushworld where we create our own reality. Or maybe we never left.

But, back on planet Earth, Hillary is behind in delegates, states, and the overall popular vote. Yet she has "proven she can win the big ones." Huh? She's losing! Late game rally? Sure, but there's not enough time for her to win in regulation. She needs this game to go into overtime to have any chance to win.
But then, if any of the candidates can do it, I'd say it was her. Her relentless drive and utter selfishness may carry the day over her more scruple burdened opponent. Does this character trait make her better qualified to lead us in this dangerous world? Some may say yes, but I say no.

At the end of the day, I really need Obama to win. If Hillary wins I won't feel like anything has changed. It will be more of the same old, same old. And I am tired of that. We need change badly, and I don't think Hillary can deliver it. She is hateful and hated. She promises to fight for us, but I for one am tired of fighting. Let's vote against all of the fighters. Sometimes you have to be tough to thrive in a tough world without fighting all the time. For us to thrive we need to stop fighting and start building. Friendships, schools, peace, and the future. There's a short building list to get started on.

Frankly, I don't think Hillary has the guts to end the war. Obama can do it because if he wins he will have the people's mandate to pull out now. McCain can end the war because he has the warrior cred to declare that it makes sense to end it now. You know, that Nixon - China thing.

Hillary is not known for her courage. Political, convictions, or personal. She is a woman who averted her eyes for years while her husband groped and poked any desperate female who would have him. What kind of courage is that? She keeps voting for the war but kind of, sort of wants to end it. If she's elected I fear that the country will just keep on dragging on aimlessly for 4 more years until we elect another republican.

Onto more interesting things. I'd love to see a quote from Michael Vick about that video of the Marines throwing the puppy on the cliff. At least Mike's dogs had a fighting chance.

Thanks goodness Mike is in federal prison. Soon to be possibly joined by Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Our tax dollars are hard at work. Maybe if Osama Bin Laden had been better at sports we would have caught him by now.