Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday's Random Thoughts

What a week! Obama's in (we think) and Hillary's out (though she won't leave.) It's finally time for party unification. Let the healing begin!

And so, after months and months of dedicated political tv watching, I feel ready to announce the second winner of . . .
Worldview Brainy Chick for May 2008!

Michelle D. Bernard - Washington Lawyer and insightful commentator/pundit for MSNBC

Michelle popped up at about the same time as a couple of other young African American women made their appearances on national tv, but she stands apart. Click her name above to see her crazy impressive resume, but it's her on air performance that gets her respect here. Always informed, on topic, unflustered, and interesting. Props to you Michelle!

On the lighter side of things . . .

What's up with Benicio Del Torro and elevators? First, he apparently has a romantic moment with Scarlett Johansson in one, which makes him an official Worldview Hero. Next, he's stuck in one with Penelope Cruz and her Mom. We can guess what he had in mind there. He also has just about the coolest name around. Someone should name a beer after him.

Del Torro Beer - Goes Down Smoothly

Memo to racing fan David Shuster - Notre Dame is the most famous landmark in the Hoosier State.

If China really wants to improve it's image before the Olympics, it could help Burma by forcing the government there to let aid workers in.

Hillary Fantasy - Before bowing out, she uses the next week to wage a relentlessly positive campaign about how the Democrats in general will be good for the country, giving some real insight, logic, and reason for policy changes on Iraq, the economy, the environment, foreign relations, the budget, etc. People remember her as a tough fighter who finished on a graceful note. But I'm not holding my breath.

As we can see here, Hillary's supporters are still in high spirits!

Speaking of Hillary, again, given her historical problem with lesbian rumors, I would think she'd tell her supporters to lay off with the jokes about her having testicles.

This is Vladimer Putin's girlfriend. Really.

Alina Kabaeva

It's wedding season! And we are all looking forward to the Jenna Bush nuptials. She's marrying a man, not the girl she's making out with in this photo. This was just a stunt because the boys in the chairs double dog dared them on spring break. The girls then each accused the other of tasting like ashtrays.

We're just so proud!

Here's a rumor I'll start - How about Republican Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. She's pro-life, which should help with the 25% of Republicans who keep voting against McCain, she's pretty young at 45, and she's apparently quite an outdoorswoman, who can actually hunt and fish. She could also help with the Hillary gals who are still angry about Obama beating their girl, as well as the "working class white men" aka "George Wallace Democrats."

Governor Sarah Palin

Plus Tina Fey could play her on SNL.

Rumors are flying that the homos have jumped off the Hillary bandwagon. And they were really bitchy about it.

Looking for Obama

They're all for party unification, you know.

Oh, and that reminds me, thanks to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, dildos (or is it dildoes?) are now legal in Texas. Just in time for George Bush's return to the state.

Texas Woman Giving Thanks

Have a good weekend.