Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time Marches On

It's been nearly a year since we've had a posting here, and lots has been happening.  The Worldview has a whole new perspective.  From way further North.  Brett Favre and I have left southern comfort to "enjoy the seasons" in the land-o-lakes.  Of course Brett's situation is more comfortable than most, while mine is more "average American."

There is good news in the world.  The Iraq War appears to be somewhat over.  More or less on some kind of Korea model.  Anyway, it's good news.  Maybe this will do for Obama what winning the first Iraq War did for the first President Busch.

The politics are active but not much fun these days.  Up here opinions rum the spectrum, just like down south.  Here both Michelle Bachmann and Al Franken represent us.    Back home both Jimmy Carter and Newt Gingrich are on the local scene.  So while our states might be red and blue on the electoral maps, they really are both mixed bags of political opinions.

Braving the Cold of a Blue State

Word on the tv is that our Republican friends are on verge of a big victory in the "mid-terms."  Not tests, elections.  Obamamania is all but dead.  The consensus is that he blew his big chance.  It's hard not to agree.  We can only hope that the next batch of pols will hold true to form and not do what they say once elected and actually come up with a way to fix the economy.  Expectations are universally low.

Obama's fall from grace may seem counter-intuitive.  He won the war in Iraq against . . . the bad guys, and the troops are coming home.  He took office in the midst of a true economic crisis, and managed to contain it.  But memories are short and distorted.  The urgency of the financial meltdown and the bogginess of the war don't seem so serious as they fade into memory.  Obama is the cleanup man with the mop who gets blamed because he is found in the middle of the mess.

The country will muddle forward.  It reminds me of the 1970's.  People will turn inward and reevaluate their priorities and the meaning of our lives.

So it's September and a brand new season is upon us.  A thankful time to enjoy life.

Labor Day means that Fall has come to this part of the country, along with the start of school.  This is a mark of a civilized sensibility that is a comfort to traditional minds.  School (and football) should not start before Labor Day.  The seasons of our lives should not be slaves to meaningless celestial occurances like equinoxes and solstices.  It is Fall now.  Days are shorter, golf is cheaper, and sweaters are occasionally needed in the evening.  There is a fresh crispness in the air and khakis are on sale. Eating dinner outside is truly pleasant.  Hmmmm. 

Life can be beautiful.