Friday, February 24, 2012

TGIF - Heat Beat Knicks

Watching Morning Joe in pj's while drinking coffee.  Noticing things I think are wrong.
1. Siemens ad just claimed that their clean gas turbines are powering American cities.  I don't think so. If gas turbines are used for land based electrical generation in the U.S. then it's a new thing.  Let me know if you know different.  Odd thing to lie about.
2. "Steve Rattner"is claiming that Romney's statement that private funding would be available for financing managed bankruptcies is false because nobody would make that investment.  Complete nonsense.  This happens all the time.  It is called debtor in possession financing, and many companies specialize in this.  Puzzling because Rattner knows this.  He's no chooch.  So I wonder if I'm wrong or if he's just blowing smoke for some reason.
Steve Rattner
Social Policy Update:
Babies! Lots and lots of Republican Catholic Babies!  Ladies, start your vaginas!  You (they) are being pressed back into the public domain.  The Inquisition Catholic Church is back, and that means that you and your vaginas are back to the back of the procreative bus.  No more on/off switch for you.  You play, you pay.
Bishop Lori is a Man! Apparently.
Don't smirk, handymen.  No doubt masturbation is next.  Rick Santorum looks like he would know a lot about that.
Ladies & Gentlemen, The Next President of the United States!
TV ad reviews:
Good - VW's "riding dirty" - Love it!
Annoying - Anything by Jos. A. Banks! or BDO.
Jeremy Lin is my new favorite athlete.
Sports Peripherals:
Natch I am closely following the Kate Upton controversy.  See the new SI Swimsuit edition cover girl. Apparently the fashionistas think she's too fat.  This is further evidence that fashionistas are dominated by jealous bitches and homos.  Nothing wrong with them, except that they don't seem to appreciate a good ol' wholesome and sexy all-American girl with curves.  After closely evaluating the issues, I am totally pro-Kate.  Kate has a Niki Taylor / Cindy Crawford vibe.  She makes me wish I was 10 20 30 years younger.  Check out Kate's SI photos here.
Presidential Race - The only republican candidate who doesn't love war is Ron Paul.  The only republican candidate who is a veteran is Ron Paul.  It doesn't matter because whoever is nominated is going to have their ass handed to them by Barack Hussein Obama. That's because

Brainy Chick of the Week:
Bad Alison kicked off her blog this week after making the brave decision to leave the corporate news machine and express herself freely. You can check it out here.
Full disclosure - Hah! Just kidding.  There's no full disclosure here.
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