Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mid-Week Catch As Catch Can

Michael Phelps - The longest of long drinks of water. Can he possibly not be on steroids? 5 Golds and counting . . .
I kind of hate this guy

Russia invades Georgia. The other one. But now they promise to pull out. We've all made that promise before. Can you trust a pull-out promise from a guy named Putin?

While on that topic . . .
John Edwards . . . how long is this stupidity going to last? For a long time as far as I can tell. Is anyone else intrigued by the evidentiary/pornographic possibilities raised by the fact that his mistress was a videographer? A videographer who praised Mr. Edwards for his willingness to "try new things?" There must be a video around somewhere.

Looking at my older posts, I realize that someone has hacked in and inserted a variety of typos, non-sequiturs, and overly vague and esoteric references. It's pretty frustrating.

Bloomberg News is quoting Dennis Gartman that oil will go down to $80 a barrel. Hmmmm. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. Right here last week.

Almost a year and a half ago T. Boone Pickens predicted $100 a barrel before any other serious players. Now he's promoting a wind based energy independence plan for the US. Sounds good to me.

T. Boone - Ahead of the Curve

What's in the head of a 5 year old boy? My son plays games in his head while sitting around the house or in the car. Asked what he was thinking about, he replied, "Pokemon, Scooby Doo, Star Wars, and Giants. All of those."

Quick Movie Reviews:
The Ruins - Not good, but not terrible. For older teenagers.
Chimps in Space - The kids loved it.
WALL - E - Great movie. We all loved it.