Thursday, May 29, 2008

Greetings From Sunny Florida

It's Vacation Week! So, I've been out of the loop on the news until last night when I checked in. I was disappointed to see mostly the same old, same old going on. But I'll endeavor to blog on.

Dateline Orlando - Boy is it hot! And tacky. I think that really the town that we are in is called Kissimmee, but it's part of the whole Orlando area. And here we have travelled to take the kids on the rides at Universal Studios, and then to the Kennedy Space Center. So far we are very happy with the resort we are staying at, as well as Universal. For my money, Universal is an easier and more pleasant day than Disneyworld, which I've been to several dozen times. So, a thumbs up for Universal!

Orlando seems like a sad and horribly fake, plastic replica of life, but once we are settled into our little corner of it, we have a good time. Our little corner this week is a timeshare resort called Summer Bay, which is quite pleasant. The timeshare crowd tends to be an ethnically diverse group, aged from young families to seniors. What they (we?) have in common is that they are middle-middle class and well fed. Very well fed. I'm feeling downright thin down at the pool, which is nice for me.

Our gals at poolside.

Slow News Week

Apparently the big news this week was made by that little fella who used to do President W's press briefings. Not the tall, obnoxious guy from Fox who got cancer. The one before him. Scott McLellan, the George Costanza of the Bush administration, and he is now a #1 Best Selling Author! Well, hooray for him! I mainly remember McLellan for his embarrassingly sycophantic "goodbye" press conference, where he practically wagged his tail for W's approval, after having just been fired. McLellan also had a unique talent for looking like a little fat bald man, when in fact he was not bald. Apparently, now that he's been out of Darth W's circle of influence for a while, he's realized just how cheaply he sold his chubby little soul, and is trying to make amends with this confessional book. Too late! You're doomed, my fat little mouthpiece.

Scott's little book

McLellan's fall from Grace is significant in that it illustrates a very serious problem that is rampant among our government servants. A fundamental misunderstanding of loyalty. Mr. McLellan still does not understand that he did not work for Mr. Bush. Rather, he worked for the American people. His duty was not to Mr. Bush, but to the United States of America. He still, to this day, misstates that his duty during his six year tenure as White House Press Secretary was to "advocate the President's position." That is exactly wrong. His duty was to be a truthful intermediary between the President and the American people. That mindset is similar to the type of misconception of duty that we hung German and Japanese soldiers for after World War II. So, despite this late and somewhat lame effort at redemption, Mr. McLellan is morally guilty guilty guilty. What spiritual penalty he might pay, I am not qualified to say.

Separated at Birth?

Unemployable warmonger attorney Paul Wolfowitz

English Prime Minister Gordon Brown

The Neverending Story

Imagine my surprise and disappointment to find that Hillary Clinton is still running for President. Especially surprising, the press appears to be still covering the story, although with a decidedly funereal air. Is anyone really still interested? Frankly, Ron Paul is far more interesting at this point.

So what's keeping this stale, old, tired story alive? A bunch of "super" delegates who haven't announced their votes yet. Keep in mind that even though these folks are really super, they are still supposed to represent Democrats, possibly even you. So, if any of them are from your state or congressional district, or somehow are connected to you, call them up and tell them to get off of their seats and announce their vote. This primary election campaign has been going on for a year. If they can't make a decision by now, then they can't handle the responsibility that's been given to them. For a list of uncommitted super-delegates, you can click here: .

One interesting tidbit is that the hot brunette who is always at Hillary's side, Huma Abedin, is reportedly dating Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York. That's nice.

And the Libertarians have nominated Georgia's Bob Barr as it's Presidential Nominee. He should actually provide some interesting tidbits before this is over. As a funny sidenote, Democrat and former US Senator Mike Gravel switched to the Libertarians at the last minute to try to grab the nomination. He failed. Probably because he is reportedly older than John McCain, though written birth certificates were not used in those days so nobody can be certain.

Libertarian Candidate Bob Barr
That's it for today.