Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday Catch-up Potpourri

Iraqi Kids Enjoy Summer Vacation

Akbar has to be the American next!

Dana Perino Canonized!

I'm really really sorry about those earlier posts.
Barack and Hillary Make Up

Obama Eager To Meet Hillary Supporters

And so is Bill!

Weird Stuff That's "In"

Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger, here.
Words I Had To Look Up Recently
Lede - this one is not in my dictionary or Wikipedia. Apparently it is uniquely used by journalists to refer to the opening sentence or paragraph of a story. (Lawyers call this the "commencement.") There are 2 theories on why it is spelled this way. First is that publishers intentionally misspelled it to distinguish it from the heavy metal "lead" that was the material fixed type was made of. Second is that "lede" was the original spelling of the word "lead" (the verb "to lead") until the 1500's, and the original spelling only survives in this context.

Temporal - this word has several meanings, but the one I was looking for is basically "chronological," as in time.
Keeping Track
Crude Oil is at $136.80 a barrel.