Saturday, May 17, 2008

Worldview Weekend Update

Word of the Day - Palimpsest - this word popped up in Wonkette, describing Barack Obama as a young man, ironically of course, because everything Wonkette is ironic. It's technical meaning is a document, usually parchment, that has been erased so that it can be re-used for new writing. It also appears to have a rare colloquial meaning to describe something having layers of complexity. So there you have it.

Word of the Week - Bullshit - Senator Joe Biden's response to President Bush's speech in Israel, where he (Bush) indirectly called Barack Obama an "appeaser." This just makes me really like Joe Biden.

Disappointment of the Week - Senator Arlen Specter, calling for a congressional investigation of the New England Patriots trying to read the signal calling of the New York Jets. WTF?

Politically Promising Development of the Week - Making Nice - Hillary seemed to talk nice about Obama in her West Virginia victory speech. And Obama talked nice about Hillary in his Michigan speech. Has the lovefest begun?

If you're an Imus fan in ATL, you can listen to his show on the internet here:

Coincidental Headline of the Week - Why Women Gladly Date Ugly Men (And Probably Even Prefer Them) - I saw this headline on an internet article the same day I saw this picture of Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan. I'm just sayin'.

What a girl wants.

War News of the Week - Washington Post - COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Sen. John McCain predicted today that the Iraq war would be won and most American troops would come home by 2013 if he is elected president, joining his Democratic rivals for the first time in offering a timeline for a large-scale military withdrawal.

Environmental News of the Week - CO2 - CO2, also known as air pollution, is at it's highest level in the history of history, at 387 ppm. Apparently that's really high. And really bad.

Sports News of the Week - The Creekside Church Green Lightning soccer team finishes up it's season with back to back games Friday night and Saturday. They are undefeated for the season! Of course, they don't actually keep score because they are only 5 years old.

And in baseball, the 7 & 8 year old First Redeemer Tigers (who do keep score) finished the regular season undefeated with a blowout of the Wildcats on Tuesday night, and start their 3 day Championship Series on Saturday afternoon!

Summer is here. Don't forget the sunscreen!