Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sprint Customer Service PLUS Dana Perino Update

My Life as a Consumer

I am on the line with Melissa of Sprint customer servive. She is grouchy. I stupidly called from my Sprint cell phone so the connection is bad and I have trouble hearing her. She is telling me that I am out of luck that my new Sprint cell phone will not accept the transfer of my contacts from my prior Sprint phone. Melissa is rather blunt in telling me that I should have done my research before buying this phone. At this early point I can tell that Melissa is not "solution oriented."

I tell Melissa that I did do research by calling Sprint and telling them what I wanted and ordering the new phone they recommended. Sprint told me that I could then take the phone to a Sprint Store and the nice folks there would transfer my contacts over to the new phone. That is where I learned that the new phone did not meet my needs. Melissa tells me I should not have taken their word for it. I should have done my own research.

Normally this is where I would become frustrated and lose my temper. But I don't. We repeat the same conversation several times. Melissa obviously could not care less. I really can't blame her. If I worked for Sprint and had to listen to people like me complain about their crappy Sprint phone service all day I would probably get jaded, too.

This all happened a couple of months ago. I ended up (you guessed it) going back to Sprint and shelling out about $1,500 for 3 new blackberries. But we can't get our email or the GPS on them to work.

Uninspiring Woman Update

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, a graduate of the Seargant Shultz School of Journalism, continues to grow in her position.


Somehow I just know in my bones that we'll be seeing her on Fox next year.

Harriet Christian is Really Harold Ickes in Drag

Nixon Would Be Proud

"Harriet Christian" - Hillary supporter and champion of white, Christian, Manhattanites tired of being treated like second class citizens, calling Barack Obama an "inadequate black male."

Harold Ickes - Senior Hillary Clinton Advisor
Seen here in men's clothing.

He's inadequate as a white male or white female.