Friday, June 6, 2008

World Hunger and the U.S.

World Hunger Fights Back

Just last year people were commenting that one of the big stories of our time that didn't get any press was that world hunger was no longer a necessity because we (human beings) now produce more than enough food to feed everybody on Earth. That's pretty impressive. Peoples who did suffer from starvation were mostly victims of war or political repression, and, of course, poverty. And it was the starvation of people who went hungry because of poverty that seemed the post preventable.

Well, it appears that world hunger is making a comeback. And it's not because of biofuels.

If you care about world hunger, check out these Bloomberg articles, (well written by a reporter with no apparent public photo):

So, since this blog is mostly about domestic American politics, let's rope that in. As "The Greatest Nation In The History Of The World" I'd like to see more talk in this presidential election about what we, As A Nation, can do about world hunger. Maybe we could carve off 5 minutes in one of the next debates from the segment reserved for "what dirty Arab country will you bomb next?" and "if your sister was tied to an atom bomb, how much would you torture Cat Stevens to save her?" questions, and ask about feeding the hungry.

It might even be what Jesus would do. You know, be the good guy. Aren't we the good guys?

I'm off to get a bagel. Jesus always makes me think of bagels. I'm thankful to have them.

Jesus feeding people.