Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quick Thoughts Up Early

I'm up early this morning as the wife is on vacation while I keep the household intact.  Everyone involved is a little nervous about this situation.

So watching the tv, natch.  I think the GE ad I just watched was about cows farting.  But that couldn't be right.  Could it?

Bringing good things to life
I like Obama, but I could not watch the entire SOTU.   Watching the live feed beforehand was the most interesting part.  Cliche, cliche, random citizen story, laundry list of shout outs to various causes,  Sputnick?, drill maker, lame national goals including percentages (80% of something), India, China, math & science, blah, win the future!, blah, blah, blah.

Morning Joe. - Just realized that the guy I thought was Donny Deutsch on a bad hair day is Mark McKinnon. 
Self confident!
Who is Mark McKinnon? A Texas Republican, apparently.

Tony Blair is on tv for some reason, continuing to alienate even more people.  So he's still alive in case you were wondering.

Mika's new haircut is too short for my taste, but she still looks good. Joe looks like he didn't comb his hair after showering.

Mika feet

Colbert Report (Tivo'd) - Tiger Mom Amy Chua.  Yale Professor and unimpressive.  This chick is berating her kids for not measuring up?  Her hair is a mess, "yup", "um, um, um".  Laughing too loudly at inappropriate times.  A model of insecure obsession to conform to the 19th century WASP ideal.  Don't know what to make of her smile being on one side of her face. 
Role model?

 Hi ho. Off to work I go.