Monday, May 12, 2008

W Movie News and Other Updates

Casting Call for Dick Cheney

Oliver Stone has the cast of his next movie, "W," in place with one exception. Who will play Dick Cheney? Oh, he's a tough one.

What a Dick!

You pick! Here are some suggestions:

Sean Connery

Anthony Hopkins

Fred Thompson

Vince Vaughn

Bill McCullough

Michael Chiklis

Telly Savalas

Britney Spears

Jack Nicholson

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

This Guy


Frankly, I'm pulling for Britney, because if she doesn't catch a break soon, she's about 18 months away from a tasteful Hustler pictorial. But I think we all know that Satan was really born to play this part.

Car Talk

Have you checked out the Smart Car yet? Look at it here.

Which reminds me, it's National Transportation Week! But only from the 12th to the 16th. So don't go too far.


My local Democrats seem to be panicking that Obama is not strong enough to beat McCain. They really seem like a bunch of scaredy-cats.

Hillary is determined to show that she can win a hillbilly landslide in West Virginia, which by the way, is not a Southern State.

Mormon Women - Rubuke to Snake Nation

I'm just posting this photo in order to balance Snake's posting of a picture of the aesthetically challenged women of the FLDS, to show that there are, indeed, pretty girls in Mormon land. Plus I just like cheerleaders.

BYU Cheer

Economic Indicators

Big law firms are downsizing all over town here in the ATL area. New law school graduate hirings are holding steady, but many firms have scaled back their summer associate programs. All of this means less biz is happening.

That's it for now.