Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's Random Thoughts

Easily Confused Englishmen

Some English archaeologist named Dr. Parker Pearson has now concluded that Stonehenge is an ancient burial ground for old English VIP's some 2,500 years ago. What a load of nonsense. Everybody knows that Merlin magically transported Stonehenge from Mount Killaraus in Ireland in the mid 5th century. Duh. "Parker Pearson." Isn't that Spiderman's real name or something?


Paramont's new Indiana Jones movie is a gigantic hit, which gave me pause. Am I the last person to know that Paramount bought Dreamworks? Also, it's a "tentpole season" movie. What is a tentpole season? Well, it means the action/adventure movies that are released in the summertime. And how old is that guy who plays Indiana Jones, anyway? Oh, and word is that the movie totally sucks, but will still make a ton of money. Just like Jurassic Park. I'll pass.

On the other hand, we rented a good Adam Sandler flick called Reign Over Me, with Don Cheadle and Jada Pinkett Smith (who looks fantastic), plus Liv Tyler. It's not a tentpole flick. Two thumbs up.

My wife and all of the neighborhood women are going to see Sex and the City. While I think the show was pretty funny, overall I found the Carry Bradshaw character to be kind of a pathetic loser. This perspective just makes my wife mad at me.

More Thoughts on Hillary and RFK

Hillary referred to RFK's murder on June 5, 1968 as an historical reference point for some nominating contests "going well into the summer." But looking at the calendar, I noticed that summer is from June 22nd to September 22nd. Something about a solstice and an equinox.

Summer's Almost Here!

Guess what color is "in" this season?

Inspiring Woman of the Week

This is bodybuilder Marjorie Newlin. Marjorie has been bodybuilding for 12 years. Since she was 70. Marjorie is 82 years old.

Least Inspiring Woman of the Week

White House Press Secretary and confirmed stupid blond Dana Perino. Dana, among other nonsensical responses to questions and shamelessly illogical rationalizations for insane White House policies, didn't know what the Cuban Missile Crisis was when asked about it by a reporter.


Out and In
  • Bottled water is out. Tap water is in.
  • Unilateralism is out. Multilateralism is in.
  • Invading Iraq is out. Invading Venezuela is in.
  • John McCain is out. Ron Paul is in.