Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jocks in Trouble

First Duke. Who knew Lacrosse was so big? Anyway, as a lawyer I think Nifong should go to prison for a long time for what he did. I don't buy into the "wall of silence" idea that we see in some professions. Cops, doctors, lawyers, soldiers. Too many think there is some kind of code that covering up for a bad guy is required if he's in your group. But they are not members of the group. They are criminals who have infiltrated the group, and should be taken out and shot like spies in wartime.

So it is with Nifong. I don't know if he is a criminal who became a lawyer, or a lawyer who became a criminal. But he's a criminal now, and he should do time.

On now to the University of Minnesota, where things are heating up. Three jocks. (The more traditional football type.) Sexual assault. One victim.

Everyone is walking on eggshells this time around.

Anyone stuck for a good term paper topic, here you go.

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