Friday, November 16, 2007

We Say Oui to Wii

My wife and I have entered the hunt for this year's hard to find Christmas gift, the Wii game console from Nintendo. And a hunt it is. I've been to various Best Buys, Circuit Cities (Citys?), Wal-Marts, Targets, Frye's, and numerous other stores, as well as on-line, all to no avail. But we are determined.

Normally the two of us seek the moral high ground on the "must get" toy of the season, looking down and askance at the materialism that infects this spiritual time of the year. But this year is different for us. And frankly, it is kind of fun.

Our two little boys, still of Santa believing age, have specifically requested the Wii. They like video games and are good at them. Right now, they are in a Pokemon phase/craze that has infected our entire neighborhood of single digit aged boys. We have other Nintendo products, like the gameboy, Gamecube, and the newer DS. So, the Wii seems like a logical Christmas present, and we had it on the early lists of things to get. It will be the "big gift" this year for them to share.

Having grown up pre-tech, I am happy to see my boys do well in this area. I have an uncertain notion that these games are good learning toys. But when it comes to shopping for these games, my wife and I are not experts. We pretty much rely on the consumer advice buzz we hear. We initially went with the Nintendo products because we were told that they had more games for small children, and that has worked out for us. No gun-toting pimp games until the kids are at least twelve.

So, the Christmas hunt is on! Lots of speculation on the Wii shortage is discussed in the electronics sections of these stores. It's actually kind embarrassing to ask if they have one left, because nobody does. They all sell out within minutes of arrival. And shipments tend be be in quantities of six to ten.

Who knew that Wii would become such a hot item? Sony's Playstation was the gold standard in this area for years, or so I'm told. And the people I know who are into this stuff, told me that Microsoft's X-Box, with it's superior on-line gaming capabilities, would become the one to get. But Wii is the "it" box. I really have no idea why, but I am going to get one.

I've got a hot tip on a Sunday morning delivery to a store about 20 miles from here. It opens at 9:00 am. I'll be there at 6:00, coffee and newspaper in hand, and a beach chair to support my Christmas spirit.

And you know what? If I get one, it will make my day.

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