Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday's Random Thoughts

Ready For The Weekend

Bikini Girl
  1. Why does anybody care about the Olympic Torch? And why is it in San Francisco on a trip from Greece to China?
  2. I really do think John McCain is going senile.
  3. The more I see of Hillary the more I am convinced that she lives in the middle of her own mental Hillary-world.
  4. So I guess Kansas won the April Madness basketball tournament in dramatic fashion. Too bad it happened after baseball's opening day so I didn't care anymore.
  5. Mafia boss Silvio Berlusconi is about to take over Italy? Who knew? Is this good or bad for us?
  6. Bad Obama trends: He's starting to stiffen up like John Kerry and she's starting to sound like Angela Davis.
  7. From where I sit, the economy already seems to be bouncing back. Sunday's Hispanic Nights at Wal-Mart are as busy as ever.
  8. The more I think about bailing out our over-mortgaged homeowners, the less I like the idea. If they get their mortgage reduced for being stupid, shouldn't I get the same discount for being responsible?
  9. I've heard a few reporters and pundits start referring to the Iraq War as a "proxy war" between us and Iran. The problem with that theory is that we don't have a proxy. Yet another Viet Nam parallel! If we are going to have a proxy war, let's get a real proxy. (For you yungins, North Viet Nam and the Viet Cong were viewed as proxies of the USSR, which was a Russian Communist empire in the 20th century that we thought was going to nuke the US someday. But they didn't. We also thought that the commies would follow us home on a bunch of red dominoes if we gave up. But they didn't. Hmmm.)
  10. I have to look up the spelling of "parallel" every time I use it.
  11. I'm convinced that those New York Times columnists have a game of seeing who can insert the most esoteric word into the paper. Today's entry is "hippocampically" by David Brooks, which is an adverb that he apparently just made up from "hippocampus" that refers to two memory storing parts of our brains. Frankly, I think he has misspelled it. For good measure, Mr. Brooks also managed to squeeze in "aphasia," "langniappe," and "mnenomic"
  12. NASCAR should jump on the Green Bandwagon (Hah!) and start running preliminary races of alternate fuel powered cars. Talk about an obvious win-win. Imagine all of those elitist, tree hugging intellectuals shoulder to shoulder with cap-wearing, chickenbone throwing rednecks, as they cheer on Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon in their solar panelled, battery powered go-karts. It could all be so . . . democratic.
  13. Spring is in the air. Time to start thinking about getting down to swimsuit weight!

Have a fun weekend!

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