Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Random Thoughts

Homo Matrimony in Cali!

Is that Rachel Maddow's Mom on the right?

The California State Supreme Court ruled that "same sex marriage" is legal under California law. So natch all of the queers, fairies, sodomites, carpet munchers, and assorted panty waists are in a big dither over china patterns, invitation lists, and flower arrangements. Like they weren't already. I haven't seen much political reaction yet, except that Governor Arnold is supporting the court. And who's going to fuck with him? Figuratively, I mean.

Here we see two Rainbow Warriors celebrate by singing a duet of You Light Up My Life.

Log Cabin Republicans, indeed.

Hillary Still Pretends She Can Win

But the rest of the Dems have decided to be nice to her about it, for various reasons. Not the least of which is that she is one vindictive bitch, who will be around for a while. Also, she might make a great attack dog veep candidate for Obama in the general election. Would Obama picking Hillary for veep really be "unprincipled" as BMCC says? Or would it fall in line with his promise to "unify" us? If he doesn't pick her, it may be viewed as an unwillingness or inability to unify the Democratic Party. The Republicans will pounce on that pretty quickly as evidence that Barack is just another Jimmy Carter. I'll go for whatever it takes to win and end the war.

The Economy Sucks, Kind Of

It really could be a lot worse, though. I'm not that old and I can remember times when it was. So, it's too early to panic, and it's good to see Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson making the moves we need to keep things from going down the drain. We are lucky to have these two on our side, considering the complete lack of any economic leadership from our President.

Worldview Heroes:

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson

They really do look like opposite personality types, don't they?

TV Land Observations

Speaking of the economy, just about the only tv show that I can find some economic perspective on these days is Political Capital with Al Hunt on Bloomberg TV. The news talk shows are all about politics these days. And most of the business shows are more about market activity and the deals of the day. If you're interested in some insight into the Mortgage Crisis & Gas Tax Holiday from Political Capital - click here:

Bloomberg News' Al Hunt

On the lighter side of the boob tube, we've seen dramatic season climaxes for The Bachelor and America's Next Top Model. The Bachelor this season, Matt, was British, and handsome, which seemed to be the extent of his qualifications. He picked . . . Shayne Lamas, the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, pictured here:

Can you imagine if your Dad looked like this?

Showing that this apple didn't fall far from the tree, bride to be Shayne celebrated by immediately posing for Girls Gone Wild Magazine. I didn't even know that Girls Gone Wild had a magazine! It's not in my supermarket. Tackiness aside, she does have her charms.

Blushing Bride Shayne Lamas

America's Next Top Model picked it's first "Plus Size Model" as the winner this season. So, props to Whitney Thompson and all of the curvy girls out there who are getting a little respect for a change.

Whitney Thompson

Blog Notes

In case you hadn't noticed, I write this blog on Google's Blogger. It's pretty cool that I can put up a blog for free, and I appreciate it. But the formatting on this thing is a real pain. Anyone have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Have a great weekend.


Snake Nation said...

1. Did you really use "sodomites" and "carpet munchers"?!?!

2. I don't have a strong opinion on what's going on with the gay marriage ruling. I'm 100% for equal partnership rights for committeed homosexual relationships. However, I think this is going to be a slipper slope. Unfortunately, I also think this ruling in Cali is going to be one of many annoying distractions during the campaign between Obama and McCain. Conservatives are going to spend a lot of time questioning Obama about his views on this - they're going to jump all over it. It will be a big family values mess and again, a distraction from the bigger issues at hand.

2. Bernanke needs a shave, at least on his neck.

3. I'm surprised you are so informed on the Bachelor! Even you crumble to reality TV's seductive allure!

4. Try Typepad. It's not free, but it does give you many more layout options.

Snake Nation said...

slipperY slope

WV said...

Tina Fey called Dora the Explorer a "carpet muncher" on SNL, so I figured it was fair game. As for "sodomite," I just think it's a funny word. It sounds like a bug that might ruin your lawn.

Bernanke is great. And at least he's easier to look at than Greenspan.

I only saw the final Bachelor epsiode, and actually Shayne seemed really sweet. And the Bachelor actually proposed, which was nice.

I'll look into Typepad.