Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday's Random Thoughts

Funny Pictures

Is it just me, or does McCain's nose look like a penis in this photo?


Told You So

SAN ANGELO, Texas - In a ruling that could torpedo the case against the West Texas polygamist sect, a state appeals court Thursday said authorities had no right to seize more than 440 children in a raid on the splinter group's compound last month. The Third Court of Appeals in Austin said the state failed to show the youngsters were in any immediate danger, the only grounds in Texas law for taking children from their parents without court action.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, issued a statement defending the raid, saying it removed the children "after finding a pervasive pattern of sexual abuse that puts every child at the ranch at risk." Of course, they have not actually charged anybody with abusing a child yet.

US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

Screw the Veterans - and Obama too!

No new GI Bill for you, GWOT vets! Suckers! You guys didn't really buy all that "support the troops" bullshit, did you! You are sooo punked. And what about Obama and Jim Webb trying to boost the GI education benefits so they would actually cover tuition at a state university? Hah! Did you see how silly old John McCain made Obama look for taking it all so seriously? Old McNasty basically called Barry a pussy-ass for never enlisting himself. What an old hoot he is!

Veterans with Bush

So, really, do you know why the Pentagon doesn't want to give vets more education benefits? It's because they think that if the soldiers really can afford to get out of the Army and go to college, they will! And then where would we get fresh meat for cannon fodder in Iraq? Kids these days are getting too smart to enlist. Better to keep the ones we have poor and dependent, and on the rotation until they're worn out. The fact that John McCain is opposing better veteran's benefits is shameful.

Of course, John McCain had his entire college education paid for by the US Navy, before he had ever served a day. And he didn't get in on merit. He got in because his Dad was an admiral. This hypocrisy reeks.

McCain's Alma Mater - Courtesy of You and Me

Gas Price Updates

Filled my car tank up for $91.91. Filled my boat tank up for $185.00. Something more than supply and demand is occurring here. I don't know what, but I definitely smell something fishy about the whole thing. Yes, I know the world's demand for oil is increasing. But not this rapidly.

Movie Update

Oliver Stone has cast Richard Dreyfus as Cheney in the upcoming movie, W. Interesting choice. I'm a little doubtful that Dreyfus can convey the level of evil that Cheney exudes. We'll see. Frankly I think he's looking more like John McCain these days. But with a less phallic nose.

The guy from Jaws.

Offbeat Election News

Apparently there is a contentious political convention going on in Denver right now! The Libertarians have as many as 15 Presidential contenders, including Georgia's own Bob Barr and, possibly, former tv personality Tucker Carlson. I'm not sure whether the Tucker Carlson thing is just a big practical joke, but it's a rumor with legs so far. Bob Barr is a former Clinton impeacher who has become a big privacy rights advocate. (My wife and I always thought he might be black.) For a good story on Barr's candidacy, check out Bloomberg for Lorraine Woellert's story.

Tucker with signature bow tie.

White Man Bob Barr


The worldview family will be in Orlando, every parent's dream, next week. Just doing our patriotic duty to keep the economy moving.

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