Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The New York Times Does It Again

The Pride of the Gray Lady

NYT Op-Ed Columnist Bill Kristol

I really can't even stand it anymore. Was The New York Times ever really the "paper of record" as people like to say? Or is that just a line of marketing bullshit? Whatever it was, it's really just another fishwrap rag now. For the latest on this unbelievably bad political hackiness, click here to read Glen Greenwald's scathe. No sense in my repeating it all here, but I'll summarize. Kristol tries to belittle Obama's campaign fortitude after the West Virginia primary, by saying that he cannot recall a "single recent instance" where a candidate lost a primary by 41% and then became his party's nominee. Apparently neither Kristol nor any of his editor friends at the Times could remember as far back as 3 months ago when John McCain lost the Utah primary to Mitt Romney by 85%. These are newspeople? Or reporters? Or something?

This is so demoralizing. We need to know that somebody out there is upholding standards. Who are our pillars? Where are you?

This would never happen at Bloomberg.

Anyone know how this guy managed to get a Harvard Ph.D.?

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