Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday's Random Thoughts (on Thursday)

Best News of the Week

A Breath of Fresh Air

More Good News - Caroline Will Pick Veep!

Good Times Never Felt So Good

Makes that RFK faux pas all the more awkward for she who must not be named.

Worst Metaphor of the Week

From Thomas Friedman - NYT Columnist and Journeyman of the Obvious

"Israel will remain permanently pregnant with a stillborn Palestinian state in its belly."


Obama Contemplates Hillary on Ticket

Hillary Graciously Congratulates Obama

Hah! Just kidding! Who thinks this will ever happen?

Hillary Contemplates Being Veep

She could get lucky?

Awkward For Everyone Meeting of the Week

Condi & Kiss - Go Figure

(Paul Stanley really looks like crap!)

Relatively Good War News

19 American soldiers were killed in Iraq in May 2008. That is the fewest in one month since early in 2003.

Favorite New Word of the Week

Douchebaggery - Courtesy of Wonkette. I'm sure you can figure it out.

Separated at Birth

Corporate douchebag and irony lover Larry Ellison

Ironic Rock Star Danny Bonaduce

Come to think of it, they could be the same person.


Snake Nation said...

Paul Stanley's obvious facelift is so not rock n' roll.

Watch out for Gene's tongue, Condi.

WV said...

Is that it? I just thought he looked very unhealthy. On the other hand, Bonaduce looks great.

Snake Nation said...
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Snake Nation said...,_Paul