Saturday, June 14, 2008

More "Mistakes" From Fox

Obviously this was all just a big, unintentional, mistake.

Baby Mama! Ouch! What's that mean? Well, lookee here.

Boy, those IT guys at Fox must really be scratching their heads wondering how, when the "reporter" typed in "Mrs. Obama," the computer printed out "Obama's Baby Mama." That's a puzzler, alright! Stupid Intel chips acting up in this hot weather, no doubt.

But seriously, here's the response - Fox News's senior vice president of programming, Bill Shine, said, "A producer on the program exercised poor judgment" in choosing the screen text.

Apparently, according to the Fox News Style Manual, "poor judgment" and "blatant racism" mean the same thing. This just precious gem may resuscitate use of the old word "Shinola." At least it will for me.

I really do wonder though, do the people at Fox News know just how poorly they are regarded by the general public? Being a "Fox Reporter" is in the same professional league as being a "Tobacco Scientist" or "Timeshare Tour Guide" or "Sitcom Writer." Do they know? Are they embarrassed? I wonder what happens when they get fired and apply for work at a real news organization? Are they laughed out of the interview? Or do they just not bother, and instead just go to work for some sleazy PR outfit, like the Bush Administration?

Our Twin Pillars of . . . something.

And In Other News News

Wonkette reports that The National Press Club has invited this guy to speak to them on June 18th. Apparently he's claiming to be Barry's old boyfriend. I'm guessing that someone at NPC was desperate to get a booking after Mary Tyler Moore cancelled, and proceeded to really fuck up. Let's hope so.

Well, it gets lonely in prison.

Rupert Murdoch would be proud. I bet Fox will cover this thoroughly.

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