Monday, September 15, 2008

No Barack For You

Oil Oil Oil!


You can buy oil right now for $93 a barrel!

At the risk of becoming a conspiracy theorist, I have a suspicion, born of nothing but common sense and the brain God gave me, that the oil industry does not want Barack Obama leading the US, and will push oil prices down to help the economy before the election.

Six weeks ago I called $80/bbl by November 1st. But we may see it sooner.

Speaking of which, I am onboard with the Pickens Plan to make America energy independent. Check it out and please join! You can look it over by clicking here.

Iraqi Oil Well - American Soldiers


Bill McC said...

I just joined the Pickens Plan, also (on your suggestion), and I've already received two "friend requests" from strangers. I'm concerned they might be sexual predators.

WV said...

Excellent point, McC. I believe that the whole issue of "stranger danger" has been overlooked in the Pickens Plan. Good catch.