Monday, May 7, 2012


In Case You Were Wondering:
"Over-Milligraming" Defined
     Chipper Jones seems to have coined a new word, or phrase, "over-milligraming."  Senior leaguer Chipper used a derivative of an old '70's term referencing better baseball through chemistry, to more or less imply that his nemesis du jour, Even Older Man Jamie Moyer, had enhanced his performance. 
     "In the 1970’s players would joke that they were being “out milligramed” rather than beaten." (From Steroids in Baseball, by James Whelan and Jacob Lewis, Glenview Park Secondary School, Mr. Richmire, MDM4UI, December 10th, 2010 - Hypothesis:  The league leading batting and pitching stats will decrease around the time of the drug test implementation in 2006.)  

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Unknown said...

I pretty much knew what he was implying but was unfamiliar with the term. Google sent me here but was a good quick read that provided some clarification. Also, I remember that Topps rookie card and now feel old.