Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Answer to Quiz

No guesses. Is anybody at all reading this thing?

The pretty young lady pictured (unfairly, I know) in the Eliot post below is:

Stephany Hohnjec
Stephany is a top Croation Rythmic Gymnast, and was voted the 3rd most beautiful Croation woman in 2005.

So Stephany is the real deal with a lot going for her. From what I can tell, she has a thriving modeling career and may also have an album out. She's not some trashy girl you'd find with the likes of Eliot Spitzer. She's the type of girl you'd take home to meet Mom.

I used Stephany's picture because I don't have one of "Kristin" (yet), and let's face it, New York girls aren't the best looking bunch. And I'm trying to increase my readership, not scare people away.

Sample NY Girl

Senator Hillary R. Clinton (Used w/o permission)

This begs the question of why Eliot is flying New York girls into DC for a two hour rendezvous.


Snake Nation said...

She sure doesn't look like a gymnast...

Profile in Brief said...

She grew.